Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Flowering Pomegranate

One of the shrubs that I anticipate with joy, Punica granatum ornamental 'Madame Legrelle' is an heirloom, here long before I came to this place.

The flowers are orange with white stripes. Buds are shiny, solid orange.

The shrubs grow to 6 feet;  these were divided from the original which
was crowded by an oak, years ago.

Of Asian origins, pomegranates are not native but highly decorative.
These have no fruit. I've never even seen a tiny seed fruit.
The flowers fade and drop. The only explanation I can think of is
that it may be climate related.
These are a welcome sight, coming after the big show of azaleas and before
small summer ornamentals like Vitex and Crape Myrtle.


  1. They are beautiful when in flower but it is curious why they never fruit. I have had the most gorgeous pomegranates from my Wonderful. Maybe this is just an ornamental.

  2. It is an ornamental, not a fruiting pomegranate. I am thinking that in its native land it might not an edible pomegrantate fruit but a small fruit with a seed for reproduction. Maybe my climate lacks insects that might pollinate it.

  3. Even without the fruit, it is a beautiful shrub and the bloom is just wonderful.

  4. These flowers are just stunning! As a child I remember having a fruiting Pomegranate in our yard...I never liked the fruit!

  5. The flowers look like my dwarf azaleas. I used to have a pomengranate shrub. It did bore fruits which were not juicy and sweet. I had it cut down as I didn't like its vicious thorns.


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