Sunday, April 7, 2013

Julia Child Rose

Her hundredth birthday passed last year. She died at 91. Before she died Miss Child was invited by Tom Carruth to choose the rose named for her.

A rich buttery color, the rose has a scent like freshly baked bread with honey -- my notion, not hers.  I think the experts say it has an anise scent. It is one of the early blossoms in my garden, a Floribunda.

Many of Julia Child's best quotes can also apply in the garden. One of my favorites is “You should never apologize at the table. People will think, ‘Yes, it’s really not so good.’" 

I think these are pretty good for early April. The Yellow Rose Bed is showing signs of life: new growth on last year's white Pentas, scapes on Brocaded Gown Daylily, new growth on Lemon Grass.

Do you have Miss Child in your Garden?


  1. I don't have Miss Child or any roses in my garden, but I enjoyed reading your beautiful post and the beautiful description of the flower's scent!

  2. No Miss Child in my rose garden, but you are giving me ideas to acquire her! My favorite rose is my Rosa Sunny Knockout rose. Carefree, and highly fragrant. I don't think most people know that there is a fragrant Knockout available.

  3. Oh you have all the lovely colors of most plants. I don't remember seeing a wide angle shot of your landscape, can you do that once-in- a while? Thank you.

  4. I love your description of its smell - baked bread with honey. And this rose's color is so cheerful, too. Just as I imagine Julia was.

  5. I have Julia Child, it is one of my favorite roses


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