Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Look Mommy, It's a Poppy!.

The first Poppy of the season is always a reason for excitement. California poppies have bloomed for more than a week, now the first P. somniferum has bloomed.

Orange are California poppies with fine ferny foliage.
Somniferum poppies have coarser bluish foliage.
If you look closely at the California poppies, you can see the cone-shaped buds.
Seed pods are forming on what looks like little buttons where petals
shedded. Seed pods when fully mature are long and slender, unlike
the pink poppies which will have round pods like little pepper shakers.
Petals are crinkled, like delicate silk crepe,
Seeds for poppies are scattered in the fall and plants magically appear
in the spring before time to bloom. They require almost no care when
planted in fertile ground and kept weeded.
Papaver rhoeas, Corn poppies, also called Shirley poppies will bloom next.
Do you grow poppies? 


  1. I grow Oriental poppies. I've tried growing annuals like somniferum, and they are so floppy. I'm going to give them one more shot in my most sunny bed, and see how they do. I love whenever I see them with such tall straight stems as yours.

  2. I did fling poppy seeds in my fall garden, so I can hope for the best!

  3. I wrote and then erased, that Oriental Poppies do not thrive here, or so they say. I never tried.

    Robin, you should see tiny poppy plants soon if they are not already up. They are not afraid of a little frost.

  4. Hi NellJean, no we don't grow poppies that beautiful because they are very choosy. But we have the other poppies secretly planted in the boondocks, haha! Do they exist in blues and violets? That would be wonderful, especially for the blue-flower-deprived me!

  5. I just love poppies and currently have hundreds of them coming up all over the garden. I've decided I'm not going to thin them because there are just too many. I'll wait and see what happens. I think oriental poppies have some of the best seedpods around. They remind me of salt shakers!

  6. Andrea, there are Himalayan Blue Poppies that grow at 10,000 ft. elevations -- don't think they would grow here and possibly not for you. They are quite sought after. I am happy to have pinks, reds, burgundies and oranges and get my blue fix with Larkspur.

    Christy, it's hard for me to thin plants, too. The result is smaller flowers. Fortunately these came up sparsely, so we get bigger blooms.


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