Friday, April 26, 2013

Maybe Aerial Views Were not What I Thought They Would Be

Yesterday when He-Who-Mows put me high into the air on a farm implement so I could take pictures with a bird's eye view, I thought we'd get a whole new perspective. I hardly knew where to start.

Here we are in the north drive. I'm looking back at the Longest Rock Bed and down on He-Who-Mows. He reminded me before we started that it is not a smooth upward travel like a bucket truck, more up, tilt, stop, tilt the other way, up. "I'll just close my eyes," I said, "like I do when you run over a curb."

Over in the middle are the best flowers right now. We're kind of looking through the top of a Crape Myrtle at a row of Daylilies not yet in bloom and Poppies and Purple Conflower in the island formerly known as the Rock Wall Bed before I took away part of the wall. You can't really see Lantana and Salvia farinacea and those tiny blue wildflowers from here.
Corn Poppies are just starting to bloom.

 You can see part of the stones still holding the berm in place.

California Poppies and Salvia farinacea 'Victoria'

Corn Poppies follow the early P. somniferum.
Notice Venus's Looking Glass's tiny blue blooms at bottom.
High in the air, you notice things that you didn't see at ground level.
I spent the morning hacking at Virginia Creeper vines climbing the pines along with Catbrier. He-Who-Mows came to help and hauled away a truck load of vines and tree seedlings and azalea bits.
Come July when Gardenias have finished blooming, they will get a big haircut, too. They have tiny buds, promise of a fragrant June.
The weather is perfect for yard work.
I dragged out all my hoses and matched them up with various water outlets. We need two more standpipes and will get supplies we lack for those soon so that one outlet can supply more than one hose. I intend to drag fewer hoses this year with better planning for placement at the outset. 


  1. I love the poppies.

    So, do you just leave the various hoses in place once you get them where you want them? So far, we don't need to worry about watering. It has rained for 24 hours....over 2 inches so far.

  2. I have to coil them up and move them for the Mower to roll by. Otherwise they're kind of just lying there along the beds' edges.

    We are starting to experiment with drip irrigation, but nothing permanent, the drip hoses will be picked up for mowing and put back in place where we are watering blueberries and other fruit. Few flower beds here remain static from year to year and few places are ideal for 'one amount of water fits all.'

  3. Your poppies are so pretty. I love the colors and mixed with the blue flowers, they showcase so well....Christine

  4. The California Poppies are so cheerful. Enjoyed your garden!

  5. Aerial view, that is sooooooooooo cool...and your flowers look big of a property do you span ..mine is 15 but I currently only use about 6 acres to garden in..

  6. I do love Poppies.

    According to USDA standards, we have an 'Average' size farm for Georgia.

    I haven't measured the area where I garden but I guess about 3-5 acres, depending on what mowed areas you count.

  7. I hope you were safe up there! And what an interesting perspective to see your garden from the air. I do love those orange/gold poppies, but I've never been quite sure what to call them. Corn poppies, huh?

  8. The orangy/gold poppies are California Poppies. The scarlet ones just beginning are Papaver rhoeas, commonly called Corn Poppies


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