Friday, April 26, 2013

New Path through Azaleas

In the subtropical climate in which I garden, vines and growth will overtake a garden. Old shrubs will die out and others take over.

I cleared out 3 Shrimp Plants and a very old Hydrangea.
Shrimp Plant.
A hummingbird kept buzzing me when I took
out the other plants. They are in pots for
relocation. Plenty of plants are left for hummer.

The new path begins here. My Birdbath Rock is to the right.

We turned left.

Continuing on. I dug layered azalea limbs that had rooted. 
The path runs between pink Azaleas at left and white Azaleas on right.
The path is where a row of Hydrangeas grew in the 1990s.
Dead end here; turn right or left. Let's turn left.

We come back out on the path in front of the azaleas.

 Looking back the way we came; rough stone steps at the end  go down to the Front Garden.

Can you line up the bare Dogwood tree near the center here with the tree at center above?
Azaleas were in bloom about six weeks ago.
More mowing, less weeding.
Not long after the new path was completed, I came upon a Black Snake on the second path over. Snakes are one of the reasons I like wide paths; room for both of us to pass.

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