Monday, April 1, 2013

Now that April Is Here

Tender plants are starting to go into the garden, now that April's Here.

Took Pineapple Sage and Strobilanthes/Purple heart pots out to the garden where I will plant the Purples in shady places where the purple color of Persian Shield doesn't fade. Purple heart is a heartier purple in full fun, but very pretty in part shade.

Took cuttings off Purple Heart where there were long shoots.  I plan to make a large container of nothing but purple heart for the greenhouse in winter to hang over the back of the potting bench.

Plan to plant Pineapple Sage with Lilies for when Lilies have no more blooms and need something around their ankles.

Yet to plan and plant are Begonias and Pentas.

I' am bringing out Epiphyllums for the secret garden path where they usually summer on an improvised bench and support.

Unrelated photos:

My self-planted petunia patch started blooming,

'Exotica' close to bloom.
Frost took the first bud.
Exotica bravely put on another stalk as the first one withered.
Now that April's Here, there are many garden tasks waiting.
What will you do?


  1. So many lovely blooms. I love pineapple sage and plant it after threat of frost.

  2. I have pineapple sage from last year...but they look a little sad....prune them and put in the ground?????

    I am vacating the plants are really starting to cook in there....

  3. Such a delicious posting full of beautiful blooms -- way ahead of mine, but giving me something to look forward to. P. x

  4. Hello! Last year we planted Pineapple Sage in the Herb bed but the blooms were so pretty that this year I'm planting it in the flower gardens. I have 311 plants in my garage waiting to be planted. The forecast for the next 10 days is much warmer, so today I'm going to start planting and do some weeding. I think spring has finally arrived!


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