Monday, April 15, 2013

Bloom Day now that April's Here

Now that April's here, Bloom Days begin in earnest. Every year is different.

California Poppies are a favorite in the garden,
as pretty here as in their native state.

One of the last Daffodils

Pink and Red Knockout Roses,
same as on the header.

Cecile Brunner, the Sweetheart Rose

Philadelphus repeats the four-petal shape of Dogwood bracts, extending the white bloom season for a long time. Deciduous but a great shrub, there's always room for Mock Orange. This one is scentless.

First rose to bloom on Sunny Knockout
Sunny didn't look so good in late winter, but
pruning deadwood seemed to revive him.

Julia Child, a fragrant, showy rose
He-Who-Mows likes Spiderwort.  It seeds about. I let it
be until it gets ragged and then cut it to the ground.

Camellia season is almost over, but Blood of China persists.
Echinacea are just starting to bloom. Buds are everywhere.

Gerbera Daisies are a long-lasting garden plant.  Other plants shown
 are Purple Coneflowers, Persian Shield, a variegated
Hydrangea cutting and a small boxwood.
 Coneflowers have a notion to bloom now. Persian Shield bloomed in the greenhouse late winter. Boxwood blooms in winter. I hope to see lacecaps on the varietgated Hydrangeas this summer.

Iris and Pentas.
This is the bed where I saw the Scarlet Snake on
Saturday. No sign of him today.
Azaleas, Dogwood and Wisteria are all done with blooming here.
Loropetalum extends bloom season for trees and shrubs on and on.
Dianthus, Sweet Alyssum and Candytuft are still blooming along with Poppies.
What's blooming at your place?
Bloom Day sign-up is at Carol's May Dreams Garden.
Don't forget to leave her a message.


  1. You're garden's off to a lovely start on spring! Happy GBBD!

  2. What a lovely array of plants. It seems to strange to me to see daffodils and echinacea flowering at the same time as over here in Scotland Echinacea is an autumn flowerer.

  3. I love seeing all the different flowers and colors. I am new to Bloom Day, but have sure enjoyed seeing all the beautiful gardens.

  4. Those poppies are fabulous! You are quite a bit ahead of me. I'm thrilled to see some rose blooms as mine haven't really started yet. And I was shocked to see your echinacea blooming already! Happy Bloom Day!

  5. I don't believe I've ever seen California Poppies. What a sweet flower with that orange. It is hard to find such a nice orange.

  6. Beautiful blooms!
    Happy Gardening!
    Lea's Menagerie

  7. Happy GBBD! Beautiful Blooms! Cheers, Jenni

  8. I know you're in a much warmer zone than I am, Nell Jean, but I can't believe you have coneflowers blooming already! I'm still waiting for the rest of the daffodils to bloom:)

  9. Wow!!! You have so much blooming!! It's all so wonderful!! I have two Mock Oranges. I bought them to remind me of the orange trees in CA. However, mine (which are about three years old) have never flowered. I'm hoping this year is different and that they have a scent. I also really like your Julia Child rose...just beautiful!

  10. You have lots of lovely blooms-love the roses, poppies and genera. Tried to grow poppies a few times without success, will have to try again.

  11. Love those California poppies. For some reason, I never seem to have luck with poppies of any kind, even the California variety which other gardeners tell me are soooo easy! Your April garden is beautiful. That's quite a variety of blooms that you have.

  12. Wow, you must have had a good spring this year, here in London we are 6-8 weeks late and some of my daffodils are still in buds! Loved to see your roses, but then I have a special thing for roses :-) Hope you get a nice week-end, take care, Helene.

  13. So many beauties! The patch of California Poppies is fabulous, and your frilly Daffodil is just gorgeous. I just adore your Julia Child Rose too.


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