Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pink Roses, a Zebra and a Snake

Twice today I saw a Zebra Swallowtail. The Pawpaw bush has new foliage. Zebras just float along in flight but the newly hatched ones never stay still, so no photo.

The other interesting thing I saw was a snake. I made 47 pictures. Every one is a picture of pinestraw, an old soaker hose, the Brugmansia stub that I was checking for signs of growth when i found the snake, and some portion of the snake's anatomy. I'll put his portrait at the end so you can turn away if you hate snakes before we get there. I'll give warning.

Let's talk pink roses! Gene Boerner is starting to bloom. What I thought was the rootstock putting up shoots was actually new growth. This is my favorite Floribunda, named for the hybridizer.

Pink Knockout

Pink Knockout up close.
 The Sweetheart Rose, Cecile Brunner. TAMU calls this an 'Earthkind' rose. 

Where Cecile Brunner grew horizontally high on the Stick House, Buds broke all along the cane.
A very old Climber, Rose des Violettes. Notice the straight up bare stem
with only  one bud and a little foliage. This cane needs redirecting.
I place rebar outside the trellis to attach canes. 

Where the canes are pulled over and tied, buds break along the cane.
Rose Des Violettes is not Pink, but a beautiful lavender. The scent is peppery and one of the best in the garden. It's great to have this rose and Rose de Rescht planted with the less fragrant Knockouts.
Warning! Snake ahead. He isn't scary at all. We determined that he is either a Scarlet Snake or a Corn Snake, definitely a non-poisonous member of the Colobrid Family.
My friend Reg sent the little poem for remembering which is the dangerous Coral Snake:
"Red on yellow, kill a fellow; Red on black, friend of Jack"
I always say, Red on Black, Jump back, Jack. I did jump back when I poked at what I thought was an insect and it turned out to be part of a snake. I was looking to see  if there was new growth on a Brugmansia stub and saw 'something' in the mulch. 

There's an old soaker hose next to him, so you can compare his size. I thought I had a picture of his head but haven't found it yet. All the pictures look pretty much alike.
I have a picture of Belinda's Dream Rose but like the snake she didn't show her best side.
Next Time.


  1. Pretty roses, but you can keep your snake. :-)

    Have a nice week Nell.


  2. Your roses are beautiful! We have copperhead snakes in our area, but luckily I've never had one in the garden. I have had a few black racers.

  3. It has been years since I saw a live snake in the city. Then, it was likely a common garter snake. I held many of those gentle things in my youth.


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