Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Precious Petunia Patch

The best thing about having an informal garden is that you can let things grow where they plant themselves.

This little stretch of turf alongside the driveway was mostly weeds and ryegrass until I noticed that Petunias had seeded themselves in a near-perfectly spaced area.

As the plants grew bigger, I pulled out cudweeds,
dandelions and other undesirables.


There is a Rose Campion plant, upper right. Two seeded themselves; I added two more
because the blossom colors are perfect. Rye grass will soon die off; meanwhile I trim it
back with grass shears.

He-Who-Mows cooperated with mowing closely, but not too.  He even went between the very last little clump and the bigger clumps, so as not to cut a single plant. Mowing kind of neatened the area to make it look as if it were  intentional.
I always expect volunteers and use them to best advantage, but never expected a whole flower bed to plant itself in a location that lent itself perfectly. No fertilizer was added, no watering.  It was too much to hope for self-weeding. I left Harebells and other desirable little wildflowers.


  1. How wonderful and colorful is your self-sewn petunia patch. Enjoy. He-who-mows did a great job. :-)


  2. What a wonderful surprise!! I've never seen so many self-seeded flowers in one place! I'm glad "he-who-mows" goes around them for you.

  3. What a lovely petunia patch. Many times I have been surprised by plants that self-sew. I usually leave them to finish blooming, and then if I really don't want them where they have planted themselves, I pull them.

  4. Very pretty! I love serendipitous "plantings" like that!


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