Friday, April 12, 2013

Random Blooms

Random Blooms as I walked around before I put out fertilizer this afternoon. The Azaleas are almost gone, as are  Camellias and Dogwoods. Oakleaf Hydrangeas have fat buds.

Knockout Roses
Pansies, for thoughts.

I think the heat will take them out soon.
Poppies for hiding fading Daffodils, Corn poppies and Larkspur to follow.
One of the first Coneflowers.
Very fragrant Daffodil with no name.
Iris that had a name. I forgot it.
Philadelphus at front greenhouse corners will offer a bit of shade in summer.
Bare in winter, it will not prevent the sun. Part of the White Garden notion.
Another, closer, look at KO Roses. Five feet tall; I will prune after the first flush of bloom is done.
Yellow KO in another area looked awful at winter's end, now with great foliage, no buds yet.
Fertilizing was almost as random as the blossoms. Blueberries and Pears needed some fertilizer. I gave lime lovers like Lilies a spoonful of wood ashes and a handful of lime. Gardenias and a few others got a whiff of Epsom salts. 
I'm restarting the compost bin. The Vegetable Man brought Vidalia-type onions. (They're only Vidalias if they grow in certain Georgia counties, but they taste the same grown in this county.) The tops were gigantic, so they're headed out for compost. The onions went in a pie with Ritz Cracker crust. Buffy the Dog could not stand it. She got a bite of crust, no onion.

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