Monday, April 29, 2013

Spiraea japonica

Mama called it 'Summer Spirea' and it goes by other common names. Naturalized here, you can guess from the botanica. name Spiraea japonica where it originated.

Dogwood trees at the entrance to the Upper Garden are underplaned with Spirea.
 LIke other spiraeas, it tends to have twiggy ends. 
Carefully pruned last fall, look at all the new shoots. I'll trim them post bloom.

Few of its companions are blooming this early.
Here, echinacea ventures into bloom.
Kept Deadheaded, Spirea blooms all summer.
It's invasive in parts of Florida, particularly in continually moist areas.
"Gold Mound" is the yellow-leaved cultivar seen in nurseries.
Do you have Spiraeas in your garden? The white Spiraeas are almost done blooming here.


  1. It's a gorgeous little shrub. Spiraeas don't grow well here. I have tried, but had no luck at all.

  2. They are just beautiful! I have quite a few Spireas in my garden. Right now the "Renaissance" is blooming and I love it!


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