Monday, April 22, 2013

The Chicken Rose, aka known as Grandma's Yellow

TAMU calls it Grandma's Yellow. I think it started out as Nacogdoches. Janie Varley sent me a cutting. We call it the Chicken Rose, another long story.

The Chicken Rose two days ago with beautiful buds.
It's in a bed with yellow daylilies and white Pentas,
anchored with a variegated Euonymous on one end and
white Crape Myrtle yet to bloom on the other.
The Chicken Rose today.
Grandma's Yellow is another of the TAMU Superstars.
There's a stone in this bed that viewed from a
certain angle reminds me of a chick's head.
I did go back with pruners and take out those dead stems, just one of
today's chores, deadheading and late pruning clean-up.
First Daylily in bloom this year was Brocaded Gown in the Chicken Rose
bed and another across the way.

So far there's a few blooms every day, with many more to come.
H. quercifolia
Next to bloom are Oakleaf Hydrangeas for a really big show.
They were blooming this time last year:


  1. Oh you have the yellows now. That oakleaf hydrangea i can visualize is so very beautiful when all those young flowers have opened.

  2. Lovely yellow blooms and the sound of your bed sounds wonderful. I've just started adding more yellow to my gardens and they make me happy.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  3. The yellow rose is a beauty. I have a daylily seedling that looks very much like your named one. We are far from having blooms on roses or daylilies here in my zone 6a garden.

    I love the stores you have about much of your garden and plants.

  4. I used to grow this rose! Ordered it from Chamblees (I think). It's a very shocking yellow for a garden of old garden roses ... grew well the first year, but began to grow in reverse after that. Last winter, it just didn't come back. You just reminded me that I have to fill that spot with something that likes Virginia better than Grandma did.

  5. Just beautiful..and your foliage is so healthy!! Oh I wish mine looked like that!

  6. LOVE the chicken rose, wow what vibrant yellow...does it fade with the sun?


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