Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Up Close with Poppies

This morning I was stunned by a picture of Tulips in Claus Dalby's Garden, a blog I make sure to look at frequently. A garden in Denmark cannot be reproduced in the hot and humid Southern USA, but many of the colors and flowers inspire.

I looked at prices of tulips. One thousand 'Princes Irene' would blow my garden budget for a whole year. A thousand would not begin to be enough for the show, plus another 500 purple 'Negrita' and other bulbs. He used Fritillaria, which I've never tried. Many of Mr. Dalby's tulips returned from the previous year. Sigh.

Two kinds of poppies in my garden. Seeds sprinkled in November bloom in April.

Up Close. See the little 'chinese hat' that will be atop the pod?

A bud, a Poppy bloom and a seed pod, surrounded by California Poppies.

So what will my garden boast instead of 1500 Tulips? Definitely some Amaryllis starting now to bloom and lots of poppies. I keep reminding myself to Bloom Where You Are Planted. Consider Climate, Soil and Abilitiy. Soil can be amended. Help can be obtained, either mechanical or a strong person. Changing Climate is not an option to Blooming Where You Are Planted. Following poppies and Amaryllis in this bed will be Daylilies in those same shades of orange, only a few generations removed from the ubiquitous 'Ditch Lilies' but strong and reblooming 'Salmon Sheen.'

Native to California hillsides, Eschscholzia californica seeds make themselves at home in sandy soil in well-drained areas of my garden, in gently disturbed soil.  

Do you grow this beautiful member of the Papaver family?


  1. I have tried several times to grow them but they or I have failed miserably. I can grow Orientals and Somniferums nicely so like trying with delphiniums I finally just threw in the towel.

    I see several clumps of poppies now but not nearly ready to bloom

    I like how you keep each bed with certain colors....very nice.

  2. I love oriental poppies but failed miserably. I'm definitely interested in trying the poppies you should here, though. If it will grow where you are, it should grow where I am. On my list for next fall!


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