Saturday, April 6, 2013

What a Difference a Day Makes

I skipped a day going outside, unusual for me but forced on me by cold wind and a bad cough. What surprises were in store!

Philadelphus inodorus
Philadelphus inodorus in bloom today.

Baptisia alba
Baptisia alba
This is the original plant, from Susie.
Last year I added five seedlings.

This year I am again waiting for Baptisia seedlings to sprout in GH.

Snowball viburnum

Knockout Rose in front of Loropetalum

Pineapple sage planted with LA Lilies

Persian Shield and a maidenhair fern with budding Echinacea.
The fern just volunteered, in the Greenhouse in the PS pot. 

'Exotica' Hippeastrum with a few California Poppies venturing blooms.


  1. Lovely blooms and I hope you're feeling much better.


  2. Wow...everything is just looking wonderful! Last year we planted some Pineapple Sage in the Herb bed. When it flowered I though it was so pretty I decided this year to put it in the regular garden. I have four of them in the garage waiting!


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