Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bloom Times as Compared to Previous Years

A question on my Bloom Day Day post sent me to posts in years previous, looking. Oh, May is so glorious despite some blossoms being tardy.

Hydrangeas are blooming late this year. Last Bloom Day Oakleaf Hydrangeas were already turning pink with age and blue Hydrangeas were almost fully open. Daylilies are later this year. The oranges and apricots that bloom with blue Hydrangeas are hardly putting on scapes.

What really amazes is that Gardenias were blooming mid-May last year. Their regular bloom time is June. They should be right on time this year. When they bloom, I intend to have giant fragrant bouquets in a less painful manner of pruning back the bushes that have reached 7 feet tall in some places.

Bloom Day 2012 can be seen Here, Bloom Day 2012

Click on Hydrangea under POST TOPICS on the right sidebar if you are a Hydrangea fan. There are about 21 posts going back to 2006. The garden changes, year to year. Old Hydrangeas sometimes need renovating or removing completely as I did recently to some that were planted here in 1994.

Another peculiar phenomena is the Duranta plant that is already in bloom, waiting for butterflies. All the others died back to the roots except for this one. It was barely sheltered by pines to the north.  The others have new growth about 18 inches tall.

The widget for the Poll was flawed. I knew when I put it up that it would not allow adding more than 4 choices, which used to work well.

There were 3 votes for Red Rose and 2 for Pink Rose when the whole poll broke. I deleted it. I'm looking into other polls.


  1. I am a bit of a traditionalist, and I voted for a red rose.

    We are running a little late here as well, but the hydrangeas are heavily budded this year, so there should be a good show for June.

  2. NellJean, i am happy that 'my duranta' is doing great also in your subtropical clime. I didn't know it has that wide range of habitat. Ours turned yellowish in April at the height of dry season, curling to conserve more water, but the berries turned golden which is lovely too. This May when the rainy season starts i will prune it again for newer branches and flowers.

  3. It is nice to have a record of what the garden looked like in previous years and blogging is great for that. Things are certainly earlier here this year. We had such an unusual spring although freezes and hail did a number on many plants. I have had iris blooming for 5 months. Now that is unusual. I wish I had duranta. Such a pretty flower.


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