Friday, May 31, 2013

Blue Hortensia

Just like the last green in a colour pot
So are these leaves, withered and wrecked
Behind the flower umbels, which reflect
A hue of blue, only more they do not.
But suddenly some new blue seemingly is seen
In just one umbel, and we muse
Over a moving blue delighting in the green
(Translation by Guntram Deichsel: Blue Hydrangea, Rilke)

Hydrangea by the bird bath gets sufficient water where a faucet drips continuously for birds' water.

Hydrangea serrata, 'Woodlanders' that I've had for years, a Lacecap.
It was pink when I bought it and of course reverted to blue in our soil.
Hydrangea quercifolia and Hydrange macrophylla in the Upper Garden with Lilies and Daylilies.
The Blue Hydrangeas whose original source was here 50 years ago.
Many cuttings were struck from these and except for one plant that was
a gift, the only big blue hydrangea I grow.
Another Lace-cap, Mariesii variegata. Early buds on one or two indicate these are
pink, rooted in potting soil. Eventually they will revert to blue under Pine trees.
A blue surprise! Blueberries are ripening.
Getting crowded around the Cycad.
It's 90º in the shade here this afternoon.


  1. Your hydrangea are so pretty. Can't grow them down here.

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Your Hydrangeas are so beautiful! I never thought I could grow them in my garden because I don't have shade. Then a friend told me that the paniculatas can grow in full sun, so now I have three!!

  3. Okay, weird question, I thought blueberries like alkaline soil and since the hydrangeas are blue that implies acidic. Could be wrong though...

  4. Rainey, I wish you could grow them, but you can grow so many pretty tropicals that we can't.

    Christy, blue Hydrangeas can grow in full sun but it takes oceans of water, like my Hydrangea by the birdbath.

    Janie J, Forget all the litmus test info about pink and blue and acid and alkaline -- it does not apply to Hydrangeas. We had a long discussion of this on Autumn Belle's My Nice Garden Facebook site recently. Hydrangeas are blue in Acid soil. Adding lime (alkaline) inhibits uptake of aluminum, turning Hydrangea flowers pink.

    Blueberries like Acid soil, Really. They like the same conditions as azaleas except blueberries want sunshine.

    Blueberries are blue because they have anthocyanins -- powerful antioxidants which gives blue color. Adding lime to blueberries won't change the fruit color.


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