Thursday, May 23, 2013

Butterflies are Back

More butterflies show up every day. Some of the Pipevine are so newly hatched the blue on their wings almost glows. They've found the petunia bed that planted itself.

Petunias got a haircut and a drink Tuesday.
Lesser Fritillary on Echinacea. I also saw a Gulf Fritillary today, a Cabbage Looper and
a Sulphur, all around this bed.
Echinacea is a favorite now until Tithonia and Lantana start blooming. Some butterflies 'dive' in
daylilies for nectar. I try to provide a variety of nectar plants.
This bed had some existing liriope; I added more at the right end. Bricks are temporary to keep soil in place until the roots establish. Agapanthus toward the left is about to bloom. Some of the newer red Pentas are blooming. Pentas that came back from roots are sturdy plants but not yet in bloom. There are two Gomphrena plants from last year. I scattered more seed. Picture before i watered.

Red Pentas, their favorite and mine.
A little water, a little more shade and 24 hours made the difference.
Pipevine Swallowtail and American Painted Lady on Catchfly.
It was hot Tuesday, near 90 º and we watered most of the afternoon.

Duranta is popular with Pipevine Swallowtails,
after I watered they were all over it.

Summer is here!





  1. So lovely! Here, much farther north, I have only seen two butterflies so far this year, though when they do come the garden will hopefully have plenty to offer them.

  2. It's so nice to know that summer has arrived somewhere! Here in Maine it is raining and about 50 F both day and night -- definitely not summery. Right now, they're promising sunshine and warmer temperatures next week. I hope so! (If I don't get the grass mowed soon, I'm going to have to hire a local farmer with haying equipment.)Thanks for sharing your summery blooms; they give me hope. -Jean

  3. My gosh you have a lot of butterflies...and all different kinds. I wish I had more in my garden...I've only seen a few so far this year and I'm a bit worried!


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