Friday, May 17, 2013

Carefree Delight Hosts Mockingbirds Again

In 2011 I wrote a post about Mockingbirds whose nest was invaded by a Rat Snake. They've ventured again to put a nest in Carefree Delight Rose bush.

Can you see the Mockingbird nest? They make messy nests.
They hung around and scolded when I got close for a picture.
The canes in the center are very big; all the canes have wicked thorns.
The Rat Snake went straight up the cane disregarding thorns.

Carefree Delight was an All-American Selection in 1996.
A Modern Shrub Rose, it is Carefree except for pruning.  

 I pruned this bush in the spring, mostly with an eye toward the Mower and how he has to appraoch it. I'm not kidding about the thorns.

The colors work well with Echinacea and Kniphofia.

Corn Poppies are setting seed. When the pods are dry, this will be last of red flowers in this area. Last year golden California Poppies persisted well into the summer.

 I never expected this Rose to grow so large or it wouldn't be so close to the Vitex.
I just limbed the Vitex into a tree and let the rose take the space.

The Mockingbird Story is Here - Mockingbirds


  1. OH...I really hope the Mockers don't have any problems this year. We have four Mocker nests (that I'm aware of) in the garden right now. They've been very busy!!

  2. Mockingbirds can be very clever about where they put their nests. For years, mine nested in an old 'Ponderosa' lemon tree that had ENORMOUS thorns - I'm talking inch-long at least. I don't think they were ever bothered by predators in that tree. Unfortunately, that tree was killed in our unusually cold winter a couple of years ago.


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