Monday, May 13, 2013

Daylily Daze and Rose Romance

Sometimes I am awed by my own flowers.

Silver Veil Daylily
Most of my named Daylilies are older hybrids. I like them for their simplicity.
Silver Veil is going to move to enjoy the company of the Rose 'Belinda's Dream' as soon as I can get the spots prepared.

Sammy Russell is an old landscape Daylily, small but prolific.
Sammy and I met by accident; he was mislabeled as someone else.
Rose de Rescht finally put on foliage and buds and ventured to bloom,
worth the wait when every other rose is in bud and bloom and
you keep wondering, "Is that little thing dead?
Rose de Rescht smells like roses, from several feet away.


  1. Beautiful flowers! I love the smell of roses so I'd love that one! I think it's great to be awed by your own flowers....I know I am!!

  2. I love the colors of your daylilies. If only they can grow here with us!

  3. Silver Veil looks a little like my George Caleb Bingham. I like the simpler ones the most too.

    I think I lost Rose de Rescht to RRD. It is getting frustrating. I may have to give them up altogether.
    Still no dayliles blooming here.

  4. Christy, we plant so we can look at beauty -- we should be awed.

    Andrea, I wish you could grow daylilies, too. I don't know what it is they need from chilling over the winter. We have some that never lose their leaves.

    Glenda, I looked to see if your daylily and mine might have 'parents' in common. Yours is a Gilbert Wild daylily with parentage from Childs if I read it right and Silver Veil is from Munson, but I bet somewhere in history they have some of the same genes. Both have that 'diamond dust' feature.

    Janie, Rose de Rescht is what I consider 'real rose' color as well as real rose scent; in shade it may look purple. Reine des Violattes is violet color according to my Ortho Rose book.

  5. I, too, love the older simpler daylily varieties. I have Silver Ice in my garden, which may well be a relative of your Silver Veil, because it was bred by the same hybridizer (Munson) a few years later. -Jean


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