Saturday, May 11, 2013

Drip and Dribble, Watering Made Easy

We're already starting to water flower beds. I have overhead sprinklers to use when the weather gets really dry. Meantime, I water different plants in different ways.

Birds love when there's water spurting into the air on a hot day. 
Janie Varley told me about these and we adapted the idea. PVC pipe, drilled, capped and a hose bib attachment. We used conduit instead of PVC, hoping it holds up to sunlight better. The one above was the first one. We decided the T at the end didn't  have to be so wide to stabilize the pipe.
Length after this one is about 9 feet. Two dribblers from one
20' length of pipe: nine feet plus 12 inches on one end.
The pipes were constructed so that two could be joined to make
a really long (18 feet) dribbler. Guess what? More water came
out near the hose end, barely dribbled at the far end.
The fix is to put a Y in the middle. There is minor plumbing
involved to make connections so the pipes are straight.
Taking these apart allows using a single pipe where
we need short runs of less than 10 feet.
A plug keeps spiders and dirt out when the hose is disconnected.
I like the fountain-like water. Turned over, they drip/soak.
Adjusting the faucet to the needed flow is further refined by the cut-off valves in the Y connector.
The end cap comes off to attach two pipes end-to-end.
If there is a curved bed, I use a 6" hose whose original use is
to keep hoses from kinking where they attach to faucets. It
bends the pipes enough to follow the bed shape.
I haven't thrown away my soakers.  These and the black kind that 'weep'
and the narrow hoses with tiny holes -- all are useful.  
Oh, and the tubes with little emitters
that drip; so far we're just using them for pears, blueberries and grapes. 
I think I have the hoses all distributed now so that every bed can be reached. It takes fine tuning to get the short hoses and the long hoses all in the right places where the various devices are in place waiting for a hose to plug in with minimal hose dragging. The new hose I bought is in reserve.
I wrote a post last year about some other aspects of water delivery including sprinklers.

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