Tuesday, May 7, 2013

From Julia Child to Carrots

Such beautiful weather, so much to do! So many pretties to see, starting with Julia Child.

Julia Child
Fades less than Sunny Knockout, if that matters to you. More petals, too.

Corn Poppies, most are scarlet. These two are crimson.
If I remember to flag the stem, I might save seed for a little bed of crimson poppies next year.
Then save only the crimson until I have a true strain.
Seed savers must suffer some dead plants. Maroon Opium poppies
have finished. I'm already gathering pink poppy seed; these take longer
to mature. These are in a bed with Corn poppies and the first Larkspur
to open, disguising maturing Daffodil foliage.
 This is Kent's Favorite II.
Maybe it is Superlative; I forget which unless I can see them together.
Both are a beautiful red.
Farmer Danny finished planting peanuts today in the big field north of our house.
If you squint, you can see the little dust behind the tractor where the Lorpetalum limb is
pointing upper center. Corn in the other two big fields is knee high and very green.
An view of the border next the same field. If I ever finish with Camellias and Boxwood I'll start digging here. Esperanzas at bottom left and in the middle will shade out grass and weeds once they reach full size. Red Cascade Rose next the bottle tree is constantly trying to return to groundcover. It seems to hate my attempts at corraling with a trellis.  
I may take down the Bottle Tree. Young pears on the trees to the right are a better sight.

Being forced to grow up a makeshift trellis doesn't faze Red Cascade. 
Nantes Carrots
Renee's Seeds showed on Facebook how carrots should be thinned. I thinned mine and these are the trimmings. I took them in and scrubbed and ate them, sharing with He-who-mows.


  1. Love Julia Child...she is a beautiful yellow...how does she last in sun (fades less/same or more than usual yellows?) and how about rain....
    Blackspot, rust issues....? I think I need more yellow in my rose garden...

  2. A reviewer on WFF said, "the blooms open in egg yolk yellow, mature into butter yellow, and languish in cream." It fades less than Sunny Knockout, more than Nacogdoches. Like most other roses, it will eventually get blackspot in humid weather. I don't remember how they look after rain.


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