Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lilies of the Field

Some scholars say that Lilies of the Field mentioned in the Book of Matthew refers to Gladioli and they give specific reasons and uses.

These Glads are a richly royal color.
A different LA liy is blooming now.
Longiflorum-Asiatic hybrids do well here.

I don't remember seeing these last year. It is my opinion that lilies have
a secret life underground, coming up in years and locations only they know.
This is the lily I showed earlier in the week.
Regal Lilies have foliage only so far, but they are so amusing.
I always think of  'Cousin It' when they come up.
Regal Lilies were my mother's favorite.
Of course, Daylilies, while not a true lily are
a true favorite because of their beautiful colors.

This is Superlative or Kent's Favorite II, I always forget which is whom.
Both are beautiful and then I have a seedling that looks like them but
this is not the seedling.

Favorite colors in the Front Garden,:pale yellow, orange and darkest purple.

Salmon Sheen -- I spread it around like orange marmalade.

I saw a dark Swallowtail Butterfly today. They'll be here soon!


  1. The poor old Gladioli! It's been much maligned and really deserves more respect. They are such beautiful flowers.

    I'm only too glad that fellow Aussie icon, Dame Edna Everage, reminded the world just how wonderful the 'Gladdie' is!

    Love that rich dark purple colour! Loved all your fabulous Lilies.

  2. The purple glad is gorgeous.

    I agree about lilies having a secret life....I have some that I don't remember planting and some that I know used to be a different color....maybe I am not senile after all!

    Love that last bed with mixed blooms..that is my style of gardening.

  3. Glads remind me of bouquets for church on Sunday mornings.

    Your rich purple one is beautiful.

    Your other lilies are lovely too and like Glenda I love that last photo, also my style of gardening.

    Have a lovely Mother's day and a great week gardening.


  4. Great to see the Lilies in bloom so early, the Asiatics are also the ones most reliable for us. That deep purple makes me feel glad all over. (Dave Clark Five 1963)


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