Friday, May 10, 2013

More Camellias to Tree Form

It was a transformation when I started limbing up the big Camellia by the Carport.

 Now I can see the Petunia Patch from the door throught the Camellia trunks. There is much
boxwood pruning to do now that I can get to them.

There's more to cut when we get out a chansaw for the parts I can't
cut with my strongest loppers.

This Camellia has seedlings or suckers underneath, too.

I was so excited to find two Agapanthus buds. Last year they didn't
bloom until July. I think I can cut back the Hyacinth foliage at right,
red Pentas are just starting to bloom.

Reseeding annuals are starting: Larkspur and Catchfly.
Coreopsis is perennial, from seeds started last year.

 And a last reveal of Belinda's Dream, late in the evening.  We put out soakers yesterday and Belinda got a good drink. Everybody who had a soaker in place got a long soak, and three of the front beds were under a sprinkler. Deep watering continues today.


  1. Everything looks just wonderful!! We have thunderstorms today and tonight, so Mother Nature is doing the watering for us!

  2. "Secrets of a Seed Scatterer" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. Be assured that I hope this help to point many new visitors in your direction.

  3. Your camellia is gorgeous. I just love seeing camellias limbed up into tree form. I have dreams of mine one day getting that large. And I love your Belinda's Dream. I have really missed out by not including her in my garden. She is beautiful. I hope you get some rain soon. We got some yesterday, but we can always use more!

  4. Watering already does not bode well for summer. I so hope we have at least a little rain this summer. I too have a camellia I've had to use a chainsaw on. I never knew they would grow so much but do enjoy the tree form of camellias. Belinda's dream is lovely.

  5. I wanted to say thanks for your comment about your experience with private hunt clubs on your property. I think most will be responsible but there are always those few.

  6. How long do you soak the rose bush...I find myself not "trusting" soakers sometimes.

  7. I do not soak by time. I soak until when I stick my finger in the soil it feels moist as far as I can reach.

    Variables include hose size, Whether the valve is open all way or part way, how many holes or does it weep?

    When I speak of 'soakers' I am really talking about homemade watering sticks. I will post about them later.

  8. Pruning always makes me nervous; I don't have confidence in my technique. But I love the transformation of those camellias. -Jean


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