Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Wednesdays Are Never Wordless

Byzantine Emperor and a Solar Light
The Brug behind has a fat bud. I can hardly wait.
Petunias in the background will get a haircut soon.
My old Livin' Easy roses are gone; this is a new start.
I had forgotten just how pretty Livin' Easy is.
These ancient Gladioli grow and bloom on their own at an old house
site on our property. Transplanted to the garden, they finally falter.
We put drip irrigation on the newly transplanted Heirloom tomato seedlings.
Lots more transplants, and always weeds and grass to dig and pull are in my future.
I am trying to take inspiration from Claus Dalby and make the front of the greenhouse all neat with beautiful matching pots lined up equally on each side in the front. All his pots are different on one side, with mirror twins on the other.
How can I do that with a flat of Chartreuse Alternanthera on one side rooted in yogurt cups and something on the other side even less photogenic? Money for pots went for new brass manifolds and Y-connectors to replace the cheap plastic ones that leak.  


  1. Personally I like the look of a working greenhouse and garden! Mixed up containers, unplanted things, hoses, tools.....these are the things I like to see.

    I like how the daylily and the light are very complimentary. Note the pink.

    I really do like that daylily.


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