Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mystery Wildflower Is Dyschoriste oblongifolia

My mystery is solved. I mis-identified a small flower that blooms at woods' edge in the north meadow. When I was corrected, I disagreed with the second suggestion. I've been searching for more than a week for the name of this plant.

Dyschoriste oblongifolia, Oblongleaf Snakeherb  or Pineland Twinflower
Several Native nurseries carry this flower. It was noted in two sources as being a host plant for the Buckeye Butterfly, who has more hosts than any other butterfly I know.
I am content to leave it to its own devices in the wild gardens.
Note the spotted nectar guides, the feature that enabled identification.
Tomorrow I was going back to the meadow and smell and taste it to see if I could find any other traits. It's easier to rule out what a plant Is Not on the way to find the true name.
Thanks to Stone who Gardens-in-the-Sand for inspiring me to keep looking.


  1. Such a pretty little flower. How wonderful to find new flowers growing in your meadow. I just found some daisy-like flowers growing in my pasture and was so excited!

  2. Yay!
    I googled your plant after reading your post... Makes a nice clump...

    Looks like it oughta be around here...

    I'd been trying to get guesses from a plant forum and as good as those people usually are... wasn't getting any good responses...

    What kind of self sowing does it do?
    This plant definitely belongs in the garden.


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