Thursday, May 2, 2013

Perfume Deep Purple

A year or so ago, Nicotiana 'Perfume Deep Purple' was the rage. Any deep purple is popular with me.

Earlier in the spring I rescued two Nicotiana plants from the lawn. I expected white.

These were not from Perfume Dark Purple seed, just saved seed by color
through several years when I had notions for a particular color.

I noticed something that looked like rust on one bloom.
Mystery solved; wind blew it against a daylily laden with pollen.

I never tire of this yellow Daylily.
Yesterday Salmon Sheen Daylily had a single orange bloom I failed to photograph. 
Daylilies are coming soon. There buds on some reds, including Sammy Russell.

Like Petunias and Daturas, Nicotiana releases its perfume at night.

 My self-planted petunias. I gave them a haircut. Petunias bloom better if cut back by a third when they get leggy. These had rye-grass seed heads sticking up everywhere; the haircut took care of that.


  1. I love your nicotiana. I grew one like this from seed one year. I imagine it is too late now but I will try to remember last year. I love day lilies too. I see mine are in bud. Can't wait.

  2. Oh i love that Nicotiana, leaves really have similarity with our N.tabacum for cigarettes. Maybe it will grow also in the tropics like the tobacco. And your petunia behaves well in that area, lovely.

  3. For whatever reason, I have difficulty growing nicotiana from seed, so I bought plants this year to enjoy. Petunias--oh yeah, I can grow those from seed. I have deep purple petunias in several beds this year, but mine aren't nearly as big as yours. It's been so chilly and misty and gray here lately.

  4. Nell, how do you do the haircut?

    My new puppy took care of my pot of old-fashioned petunias this year. I don't know yet if I will have any return.

    I am guessing you are about a month ahead of me on daylilies. I do have iris budded out.

    I love the dark purple nicotiana and the soft yellow daylily.

  5. Glenda, I use Fiskars long-handled grass shears. Lighter and easier to use are the regular grass shears but the long handles reach across the whole bed.

    I just snip over the top quarter without regard to where the next buds are; they grow back quickly. The grass seed heads were caught with the rest.

    Fiskars has not sent me any products, but I'm happy with all their garden tools and I have many. I wish I'd bought post hole diggers when they had those.

  6. What a beautiful Nicotiana! I really like this plant but have not had much luck growing it. Last year a friend gave me a nice, big one and I'm hoping it spread some seeds for this year...we'll see soon.

  7. What a lovely purple nicotiana. I can see why it was all the rage last year. Maybe I will try some.


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