Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Upper Garden Pinks and Whites

While scarlet Corn poppies and golden California poppies glow in the sunny Front Garden, Pinks and whites dominated the Upper Garden today.

The first hybrid Lily to bloom.
It is in a bed with Gerberas, liriope at the end and dying daffodil foliage.
Along the north side of the Oval Lawn are pink Spirea, Belinda's Dream roses, pink Pentas and a White Dawn rose at the right with only buds right now. It usually blooms by Mother's Day.
Oakleaf Hydrangea is in almost full bloom in the background.

 Walking toward the left, we'll approach the entrance to the Oval Lawn. The flag is in the Front Garden.
After Oakleaf Hydrangeas bloom, there will be many haircuts. I had to prune some Hydrangea suckers away from daylilies today.
Okaleaf Hydrangea and Echinacea
Belinda's Dream and Spirea. Parsley is going to seed.

After this flush of bloom, regular deadheading Spirea brings more
blossoms and takes care of pruning.
Looks like a good year for Lilies.
For the first time, I am linking to Home and Garden Thursdays.


  1. Great looking combinations! I want some oak leaf bad, have been looking for it locally. No luck yet.

  2. Everything is looking lovely as usual.
    I think my Belinda's dream is not going to make it. Sad, it was a beautiful rose.

    My lilies are getting tall but no buds yet.....I am getting anxious now that I have seen your pink bloom.

    I have lost more plants over the past winter than every before.

  3. So that bush is a Spirea?? I have one in my front yard and never knew what it I know! Thanks for sharing!! Can't wait for my lilies to bloom!!!!

  4. Love your flower combinations and the oval shape of the beds - looks marvelous! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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