Monday, May 27, 2013

The Year of the Lily

Ample Spring moisture and cool temperatures brought forth true lilies like I've not seen in a while.

'Easter Bonnet'

 Longiflorum lily that I don't remember planting. Fragrant. This is a species lily.
All the others are Hybrids.

I gave all lilies a handful of wood ashes when they first came up.

I think I may have given them a spoonful of lime as well.

 These lilies were planted to take advantage of contrasting blue companions.

I think this is 'Blackout' Asiatic

Longiflorum-Asiatic Hybrid.
I'm calling it the Year of the Lily; officially the National Gardening Bureau calls this the Year of the Gerbera. Maybe we can just say that Lilies are the Bulb of the Year.
Which Lilies are your favorites?


  1. Margaret Mosely recommends 'Madonna' lilies.

    She's always right.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  2. Madonna Lilies would extend the Lily season. I think I've seen them blooming in September here -- or was that Philllipine lilies? Either one would be super. I will watch for seed.

  3. Wow...your lilies are so beautiful! I have some lilies and they should open within the week...I can't wait!

  4. Beautiful Blooms!! Thanks so much for stopping by !! I do also have a pair of gloves from Dollar Tree that I wear for gardening!!


  5. Love the new header picture.

    Your lilies are beautiful. I have completely lost track of the names of mine. I do think all my colored Asiatics are gone. I will have to wait a few weeks before mine are open. They have spread very nicely this year. I have both wood ashes and lime....I need to get busy.

  6. I love the color combination you have it in the header.


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