Sunday, May 26, 2013

What the Butterflies Found

Butterflies are back!

Tiger on Echinacea

Pipevine Swallowtail on Silene/Catchfly.
American Painted Ladies are here.
Seems that dark Swallowtails like blue and purple flowers and the yellow butterflies go to
yellow and gold. There are always birds singing in the background -- maybe it is disguise.
There's no butterfly in this picture but they're starting to really notice
Pentas, from this light pink to Ruby red.

 If you are in a cooler climate than my zone 8b, look for them coming soon.
If you're in a warm climate, notice whether there are host plants nearby if not in your garden.
If you've a little space, scatter some Zinnia seed or some Tithonia. 
Chemicals have no place in a butterfly garden. Insecticides do not distinguish between bad bugs and beneficials. 


  1. Oh, I love butterflies, and am always happy when they return from the summer. I haven't seen many yet, but I'm waiting impatiently!

  2. Glad to see the butterflies... I was disturbed when you couldn't find them in your meadows...
    At my house, I see them on every nice day... all winter long...


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