Sunday, May 19, 2013

White Dawn

When I was a child, we had New Dawn roses, not only in the yard but down in the ditch on the way to the big field of bottom land where yard trash was hauled, New Dawn took root and climbed 30 feet into a red cedar. Mama used to go and gather New Dawn there to make bouquets for the Church.

White Dawn
I didn't find New Dawn and bought White Dawn, its seedling instead. White Dawn grows only about half as high and can be pruned into a shrub or let climb. I let mine climb a red cedar post.
White Dawn on the right, Oakleaf Hydrangea on the left. In this picture, Rose de Rescht has about three blooms in front of the Cycad.
White Dawn has glossy, dark green foliage.
The post from the back side with my Monkey swinging from a stub.
Sombreuil, another white favorite on a cedar post.
I use raffia to train the canes, which looks natural and eventually
breaks down as the cane learns its position.
White Dawn and Sombreuil, my favorite White Roses.
Prosperity would have been a fav if I hadn't let it die.
Which are your favorite White Roses?


  1. Hi NellJean, normal roses are difficult to maintain in our climate and weather. There are insects, pests and diseases. So my mother have this self nurturing red roses, thornless and scentless but pest resistant. It somehow is drought resistant too. We just have to forego the scent.

  2. Your white roses are beautiful and the idea of using rafia is great! It does look so natural...I think I'm going to start using it!

  3. I have New Dawn that was passed on to me by my daughter-in-law but didn't know that there was also a White Dawn. It's lovely! And I agree that the raffia is an excellent way to train roses.

  4. Pretty! White Dawn's color is gorgeous against that dark glossy foliage. And using raffia to tie the canes is a great idea. I'm also impressed with your oakleaf hydrangea!

  5. First, I am impressed by the 'white' photos. When I try to catch my Blanc Double de Coubert, it just looks like a white blob.

    I have Awakening (a child of New Dawn) and I see it has RRD! I will be eliminating it soon.

    YOurs are beautiful.

  6. Glenda, taking pictures late in the afternoon does it for me, the light is better for roses. RRD is doing in all your roses?

    Holley, Ginny and Christy, I am a real fan of raffia.

    Andrea, climate is everything. I wish I could get my gingers to bloom.


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