Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Bouquet in My Favorite Palette

Purple, Palest Yellow, shades of Orange and Chartreuse. You know I borrowed that palette from Ms. Easton. We use different flowers in diverse climates, so it turns out differently.

Orienpet Lily 'Orania' is richly colored. Persian Shield fainted when I cut it despite being put directly into a vase of water. Pride of Barbados' orange and yellow blooms and long yellow stamens need a vase of their own to really show off. Crocosmia is just coming into bloom; it may be one of the best cut flowers we'll have.

Last year's Parsley is going to seed, as near to Chartreuse as I have.
I pick off the drier umbels and scatter the seed back into flower beds.

'Orania' loosely translates into 'heavenly' and the Lily scent is lovely.
I vowed to have cut flowers indoors this year.
I still hesitate cutting stems despite the heat shortening their life outside.

Joining with the Garden Appreciation Society week 7. Come join in with your bouquet!


  1. That's a really wonderful bouquet :-)

  2. Your bouquet is beautiful. When we had some exceptionally hot weather earlier this week (90s) just as the peonies had bloomed, I knew those peonies weren't going to last in the heat, so I went out and cut one recently opened flower and one bud and brought them in as part of a bouquet (with some Lady's mantle and mock orange). Three days later, I'm still enjoying them. -Jean

  3. Very pretty bouquet. I am with you on cutting flowers, i might have to cut some daylillies next week to have another arrangement.
    I like the name of your blog, it goes with my initials - sss.


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