Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Gracious Plenty of Gardenias

When I was 12, my widowed sister remarried. She wore a corsage of white Gardenias, leaving it behind when she left for Florida. I carefully wrapped it in florist's green tissue and pressed it in a large heavy old book with thin pages. The fragrance lingered for years.

Gardenias in a vase.

I am linking to the newly found Impatient Gardener's weekly meme, Garden Appreciation Society 
I rarely gather bouquets but like the idea of bringing the bounty of the garden to enjoy indoors. This was just the push I needed.

Gardenias have the best traits: fragrance, evergreen, lovely blossoms. They're not as difficult to grow as many people believe. Yellow leaves mean they need water and are simply shedding old leaves.

Another advantage to cutting a bouquet, you look more closely.
I found scale on leaves on one limb of one of the shrubs. 
Needs closer inspection. Quickly dealt with, it won't become a problem.

Gardenias make a great hedge. 

There are 11 Gardenias in this picture; six in the distance, two in
the near ground and three on the other side of the tree.

I learned with these two that Gardenias didn't like to be pruned
up for small trees as Camellias and Crape Myrtles do.
They eventually forgave me and recovered.

I almost always have Gardenia cuttings rooting.

Only one is necessary to perfume a room.
Eleven might be a little heady for some folks.
One is nice floated in a small crystal bowl.

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  1. Your gardenias are beautiful. I planted 2 last summer and so far they are living but no blooms yet this year.

    Have a great week.


  2. Oh my gosh. Can you feel my jealously from there? I can't think of anything better than the scent of gardenias and to have so many of them! Just amazing. Thanks for linking up!

  3. I have 'one' in a huge terra cotta pot and I just love it! It has gotten huge and keeps giving me blooms. I'll have to try rooting some cuttings from it. What are your tips for doing this?

    Enjoy all that glorious scent from these beauties.


  4. I love your bouquet! I have just 1 plant here (so far) and it's still small - at best, I get one flower at a time but that's still enough to appreciate the fragrance.

  5. Hi there! Your Gardenias are so beautiful. I planted two Gardenias this spring. They both have yellow leaves despite the fact that we've had a lot of rain. Do you think I should add some acidifier to the soil?

  6. I am in awe of all the gardenias you have. It's rather hard to grow them here. Just not the right climate. I do love the scent though. Thanks for letting us see all of yours. How did you get rid of the scale?~~Dee

  7. Thank you to all of you for coming to visit. If you've a small gardenia, it will grow.

    Rainey, there's no secrets to rooting gardenia cuttings. The old-timey was was to put on in a Coca-Cola Bottle. I still sometimes let the stem and foliage remain in a vase until I see roots. Mostly I just stick a cutting in some potting soil.

    Dee, I got rid of the scale by searching out every limb that had scale on the leaves and cutting it off since I am going to prune anyway. When the rain is over, I'll spray with oil soap solution to be sure I get all of them.

  8. Oh, forgot about Christy's acidifier question. Time honored dosing for Gardenias is Epsom salts.

  9. Unfortunately we can't grow them outside in our zone. I had a small potted one once that I actually got to rebloom before loosing it.

    I think they may have the best fragrance of any plant.

  10. Love the Gardenia! I can't grow it outside. Here its an indoor plant.


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