Monday, June 24, 2013

A Lily, A Daylily and my Favorite Tropical, Caesalpinia pulcherrima

More Rain today, 2 tenths of an inch. Every little bit helps and I can see daily growth on new transplants like my Cassia alata.

 One of my Favorite Lilies, Orania. Loosely translated, Orania means 'heavenly.'  A hybrid between Oriental and Trumpet Lilies, this one does have the heavenly fragrance of a Trumpet Lily.

Orania plays well with Hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are putting on new
blooms as the old ones fade.
Daylily 'LIttle Gypsy Eyes'
Its companion is a mini daylily named JoJo or
Toto or something like that.

Little Gypsy Eyes on a different day.
 Finally, Pride of Barbados has commenced bloom. It dies back to the roots in this climate, so
it takes a while for the shrubs to grow and blossoms to appear.

Pride of Barbados Caesalpinia pulcherrima is a Texas Superstar. It will grow in  acid or alkaline soil,
tolerates heat and drought but needs well drained soil. I have 5 second year plants from seed that I hope to see bloom this year and one new seedling started this past winter, the only one to sprout.
These are growing with another Texas Superstar, Esperanza Tecoma stans. The yellow bells of Esperanza are a perfect partner.
We went to the city today. I was so absorbed in deciding whether the building behind the old Capitol buildind was centered that I forgot to look at the flowers. I can't believe went to Tallahassee and forgot to look at the flowers around the Capitol. We took a different route to the south side and it's harder to see the flower beds going back north.
I did look at Lowe's at flowers but I didn't buy any. The sun was hot and I didn't want to dig. Had I known it would rain at home I might have bought Begonias. They had some beauties.


  1. I'm loving the pride of Barbados! At least when it rains it does the plants some good.

  2. OK, definitely a little jealous cause we can't grow Pride of Barbados ( in zone 6/7.

    What a beautiful plant - buds, leaves and flowers!


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