Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Spectrum of Hydrangeas

All Hydrangeas in the post are the same cultivar; colors differ according to location.



  1. Beautiful hydrangeas. All the hydrangeas in my neighborhood just started blooming this week.

  2. Those hydrangeas are simply perfect!
    I can't do the mopheads here very well with out lots of extra care.
    I can do my Endless Summer because it is right next to the hydrant...
    anything else would be a lost cause I am sure.

    Yours are stunning.

  3. This is my understanding of hydrangeas...if they are white or can't change their color. Do you use aluminum sulfate or is your soil naturally acidic?

  4. Wow! You grow them to perfection!

  5. My soil is naturally acidic. The Hydrangeas that have a little pink to them probably got some lime leached from a nearby limestone rock or a piece of urban stone or when I gave the lilies a spoonful of lime.

    I try to not add unnecessary chemicals. People on Garden Web are continually writing about how they burned their Hydrangeas with aluminate sulfate.

  6. My pink hydrangeas are gorgeous, and I love them, but I am always quite jealous of of you acid soil blue hydrangea people! LOL


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