Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A View of Magnolia You Haven't Seen

It's hard to keep blogging the same old views and wondering if you, dear reader, are tired of seeing great wads of Hydrangeas, gobs of Gardenias and butterflies on Pentas which are my staples right now.

Autumn Belle asked about Magnolias and I remembered the view I glimpsed through the gap in the tree line in front of  the Upper Garden as I left for Church on Sunday morning.

Little Gem Magnolia framed in the gap between two pines. The Upper Garden is screened from the highway by scrub Oaks between Pine trees.
Sweet lemon fragrance carries across the garden.

Little Gem was a gift from his best friends in memory of the Monkeyman. It doesn't seem like nearly 10 years since he died. As Hugh said, "If you'd told me he got killed going 100 miles an hour on a motorcycle, I'd have said, 'That's Gary,' but I can't accept this," referring to dying on a bike that was not moving, hit by a little truck out of control on slick tires on a wet roadway.


Garden paths beside Little Gem. Butterflies are waiting for Porterweed spikes to produce bloms and Moths are waiting for the nighttime fragrance of Angel Trumpets. I'm hoping for rain.


  1. I never get tired of your views! This is a good one, as I often ask, "with our small lots here, why does nobody who plants magnolias use smaller ones like 'Little Gem'?" I think that's a nice memorial, too.

  2. Little gem looks great framed by the trees, and what a nice plant as a memorial to your friend. I know what you mean about publishing the same views. I often am concerned that I am repeating myself too much, but I don't mind it when other bloggers do the same! After all, every year the garden repeats itself in many ways, and I never grow tired of it.

  3. I am not sick of seeing them. But I am sure my readers are tired of looking at my project. So no, if you are asking me.

  4. Since hydrangeas, pentas and gardenias are all things that I can't grow in my garden, I am definitely not sick of seeing them in yours! -Jean


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