Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Visit from T S Andrea

We've had rain showers and light winds from the Tropical Storm. We've watched radar all day as it moved ever closer.

Yesterday He-Who-Mows mowed in anticipation of rain.

I haven't looked to see if Town Mouse and Country Mouse have First Views this month, but here are views  in the Front Garden while the grass is green and cut and looks like a park.

The butterfly stake marks the holder for a sprinkler, otherwise I can never find it in the grass.

I am pleased with neat edges I've managed. There are others yet to dig.

The neat edge here is hard to maintain. In addition, Melampodium has
started volunteers in every bare space. We'll need the little yellow daisies
when Black Eyed Susans fade but not in the space with Alternanthera.

Vitex blooming lavender on this side of the drive, white Crape myrtle on the opposite. 

I went out before the rain and planted as many seedlings as I could. I put Candlesticks (Cassia) in the beds with Pride of Barbados and Esperanza Tecoma stans. Esperanza has buds. Pride of Barbados shows promise. Besides the mature Caesalpinias, there are six 2012 plants that I  hope to see bloom and today I planted the only seedling from this year's seeds. I don't know if it was the seeds or my technique that caused the failure.  While the weather was dry, I collected seeds of Larkspur, Poppies and Silene to tuck away until late fall. When the rain passes, I'll need to collect more Larkspur 

I tucked Heirloom tomato seedlings everywhere there was room. I gave six to Veggie Man John who said he would make room. I think every seed from Tomato Fest that I planted, made a plant.


  1. I hope you get nice soaking rain from the storm and no damage. The weather map indicates it will come right over us early tomorrow afternoon.
    I only put out a few seedlings this year. I normally have great success with basil but this year not a single seedling! The marigold and zinna seeds I planted late are doing well, though, so maybe it was just too cool.
    Your garden is beautifuL!

  2. Your gardens look really lovely. I'm very impressed by your neat edges. I know how hard it is to keep them looking that good! I hope you get some nice rain, but stay safe!!


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