Monday, June 3, 2013

After the Rain, Plants are Happy

We had a half inch or a little more of rain last night. This morning everything looked refreshed.

I'll try to show you the prettiest of what you can see above:. Gardenias left and Hydrangeas, right.

Agapanthus has two new buds, still none on what I think are 'Storm Cloud' so that should extend the season.

At the feet of Agapanthus are red Pentas to attract butterflies.

In the distance Gardenias are blooming.

I intended to cut great bouquets of Gardenias when they bloomed because they need pruning back where they hide azaleas in spring. That has not happened. Yet.

Where I gave lilies a spoonful of lime and a handful of wood ashes in the spring, Hydrangeas have a few blooms with a lilac tinge.

Mostly they are just heavenly blue.

We expect more rain this week. I'm happy, too.

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