Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Agapanthus and Friends, Details Revealed

The weather was perfect this past winter and spring for Agapanthus. I showed this bed before the rains and before I removed Centipede Grass that had covered the brick landing at the end of the ancient front walk. Here it is again, just a little different.

Earlier pictures didn't show 4 new buds of Agapanthus. I'm still waiting for Storm Cloud.

The ancient cement walkway ended abruptly in the grass. In earlier years it ended where an auto might have stopped in the swept yard before there was a lawn.

  A brick landing extended it and I made beds even with the brick for a neater mowing edge along the grass. It still ends in the grass but looks more intentional.

There were once boxwoods along the walk and two Red Camellias at the end. A fire took out part of the boxwoods and we don't talk about when He-who-Mows got the notion to move the Camellias and then went off to Texas and they died for lack of water.

I think of these beds as having a red, white and blue palette, but they
actually are blue, purple, maroon, red, terra cotta, yellow, chartreuse and white.
Soon dark red Pentas will be blooming for the delight of butterflies.
There's even two Pride of Barbados second year plants that I expect to
bloom in red and yellow -- they'll clash beautifully.
This canna moved in with the Liriope last year.
I decided it should stay and moved it to the corner.
That isn't grass to the left -- Bath's Pinks.
They bloom early spring and do not clash.
The rains are past and we're getting into really hot days with heat indices higher than a hundred degrees. If there isn't a breeze, perspiration doesn't evaporate in our humidity. I have minimal outdoor tasks when the weather gets that hot. I took care of fire ant patrol and picked up limbs today besides some pruning and grass pulling.

Gardenias still must be pruned after they finish blooming.


  1. Have I mentioned I like the new header picture? Very nice.

    That you even have color palettes in mind when establishing a bed impresses me. I just go for place bare enough to put something!

    I feel like I have that daylily somewhere.....

    We are hot here too, 92° yesterday. I quit around ll AM.

  2. The color palettes keep me from plunking things that really don't go -- I have to give them a second thought before deciding what goes in which empty space. Reds and pinks to the Upper Garden, most gaudy to the Fiesta Bed and so on.

  3. I'm not a fan of heat, but being able to grow agapanthus would be a big compensation for living in a warm climate. They're beautiful. -Jean


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