Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Anatomy of a Berm, South Rock Bed

A few large stones, some topsoil and composted gin trash and we had a berm of size in 2006. The smaller of two, this one gets less attention.

North end has Purple Heart and chartreuse Alternanthera as California poppies fade.
Lilacina Crape Myrtles are thinking about blooming.
Oxblood lilies will bloom around this end in August.

New to this bed are Bengal Tiger Cannas. Ratibida's little 'hats' were some of
the earliest color. I pull or cut them back when they crowd companions.
Seedling daylily. In the blank spaces where California poppies were pulled,
I planted Heirloom tomatoes with names like Green Zebra and Black Krim.
Have to design a wattle to support them.

Yellow Lantana around this daylily is slow to bloom this year.
An armadillo keeps blundering through the
Graptopetalum planting between the stones.
To the rear is a single plant of Verbena on a stick.
V. bonariensis is dotted around, slow starting.

Opposite view of the stones with Ghost Plant and
Sedum Acre. In the foreground is the V. bonarensis
plant and some palest pink Pentas.
There are nine Pentas, some beginning to bloom.
Under shade of the Crape Myrtle is a clump of
Persian Shield.

Bengal Tiger's blooms are bright orange.
By the time they bloom, Tithonia in the bed beyond will be in bloom as well.
I can hardly wait for Tithonia blooms -- butterflies love it!

Alternanthera in the foreground turns bright red in fall. The little plant behind is Pride of
Barbados. Its blooms are red and yellow.  At left is yellow Lantana, thinking about blooming.
At the very top are pink Pentas with scant bloom and the inevitable Mexican Hats.
All the Front Garden beds have a summer palette of Purple, Chartreuse, Yellow and shades of Orange, interpreted differently in each bed.
South Rock Bed viewed from under Vitex tree
now in bloom.

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