Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bloom Day June 2013: You Should Have Been Here Tomorrow

Welcome to Hot and Humid south Georgia. I started collecting bloom pics the day before Bloom Day, in case the weather turned bad. There are so many things to show I divided them into a Day Before Preview and this Bloom Day Post. Even then, I forgot to show the Rusellia in bright red Firecracker Bloom.

Swallowtail Butterfly on Red Pentas
Notice there's Parsley very near for Black Swallowtails.
If they hurry, they can eat all the blooms before they seed out.

Rudbeckia and Setcreasea.
Duranta, Gardenias and Shasta Daisies in background.

Vitex tree in purple bloom with Echinacea.

Need no introduction. Acid soil, blue.

 Kniphofia Red Hot Poker 

Two kinds of Shrimp Plant: Justicia brandegeeana and justicia betonica, 
The white is more finicky about blooming. 

Tecoma stans Esperanza.
Pride of Barbados behind are in bud -- we will see them later in the month.

Knockout and pink Crape Myrtle

 Gerbera daisy seedling


Happy Bloom Day. 

Join Garden Friends from around the world at Carol's May Dreams Gardens to share your blossoms.


  1. Happy GBBD, Nell! I love how very different all yours are from mine. Exotic and way ahead in blooming.

  2. Thanks for leaving a message on my blog. Looking at your lovely flowers I can see some that we consider autumn flowers, the rudbeckia and echinacia, so you are way ahead of us. Some we also grow as pot plants as they wouldn't survive our winters. Lovely to see such different planting.

  3. Beautiful first photo of the butterfly and penta! And the coneflowers at the base of the chaste tree are great. Happy humid bloom day!

  4. Lovely gardens and the first photograph of the butterfly is wonderful! Happy GBBD!

  5. Looks beautiful! Ample rain, yes? Wish that were so here.

  6. Ooh, I am so jealous--your blue hydrangea blooms are beautiful! Just the opposite of acidic soil in my garden, so everything turns pink:) You're much farther along than we are, so it's a treat to see all these summer blooms.

  7. Very nice. All your blooms look so happy. This also reminded me - I planted a kniphofia, but I don't think it came up. Love that white gerbera daisy.

  8. I can smell your garden from Kansas, especially the Gardenias.

  9. Gorgeous blooms.....

    I see you have lots of echinacea. Mine seem to have disappeared this year.

    That first picture is just perfect; so sharp and bright. You are getting very professional.

  10. It must be very warm there, my Vitex tree is barely leafing out. I would love to grow Gardenias, I love the scent, but they have been difficult here, though there are supposed to be some that are hardy. I kept one as a house plant for a while. The Tecoma is lovely, but not hardy here. Your butterfly visitors must be more numerous too. Lovely.

  11. I love your gardenias. I have one and it's very fussy but when it blooms the aroma divine. Thank you for sharing.

  12. I can smell your garden from here! Yum. Love those shrimp plants. I would like to try one of those some day (as an annual). Thank you for naming a plant I have in one of my containers - setcreasea!The vitex tree is a showstopper!

  13. Nell Jean, your garden is way ahead of mine. I hope you get some relief from the humidity. I can handle the heat, but humidity gets me every time.~~Dee


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