Friday, June 14, 2013

Bloom Day June Preview

Hot, steamy, lush -- there are too many blooms to show them all. A preview will spread it over two days, my Bloom Day offerings.

Knockout Roses in front of Pink Crape Myrtle.
Only pink and white Crapes are blooming, other colors to follow.

Hydrangeas are everywhere, blue in our acid soil. Pink tints 
come from a limestone rock or piece of urban stone near the plant,
sometimes from a spoonful of lime I sprinkle around a lily.

Blue spheres of Agapanthus are blooming with Pentas in this bed.

Butterflies are quick to find Pentas.

White Crape Myrtle and Shasta daisies on this side; 
Yellow roses on the side not seen are below.

Nacogdoches aka Grandma's Yellow rose
with White Pentas.

Rudbeckia and Purple Heart anchor this end while we await other
blooms behind.  In the distance, Gardenias.

Even as they fade, the incredible fragrance of Gardenias remains.

Shrimp Plant by a stone birdbath. 

Self-planted Petunia Patch. All I do for it is weed.
Well, actually I scattered some Rose Campion
seed the other day to add a coordinating plant.

White Gerbera Daisy, one of my favs from seed.


  1. You've got lots of lovely things blooming at the moment. I love the white Crepe Myrtle and Shasta Daisies. The Rudbeckia and Purple Heart make a great combination as well.

    How I wish I could smell those beautiful Gardenias! Your self-seeded patch of Petunias is simply fabulous, as is that stunning white Gerbera.

  2. It is always great to see your different flower beds , borders and paths. You've got some lovely blooms.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady


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