Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Crinum Jagus Lily

Billy Welch said, 'No Crinum ever died,' speaking of Crinums in the hot and humid south. I am always startled when Crinum Jagus suddenly sends up a huge green stem and a clutch of egg-shaped buds open over the next day or so. I looked for buds after the rain, but looked in the wrong place.

I noticed these lying on the ground in a bed of mini jew underneath.

As I tied this stem to a stake, I noticed a second stem behind.
To orient you, the greenhouse is to the right of shrubbery in
the distant baclground. These Crinums are just outside
the drip line of white Camellias you see here in winter.
A closer view of the second stalk I noticed. The fragrance of these
are incredible. They usually open the night before and stay open
the rest of the next day. Buds continue to open on subsequent days.
Pink Crape Myrtle in the south background.
The vaguely familiar looking green plant above
is Solidago. This particular one sometimes
grows 7 feet tall if I choose to let them go.
Goldenrod. A thug. Native.
Close up Crinum bloom. They smell like Vanilla.
This Gardenia was blooming nearby. Comparing the two,
Gardenia is a heavy, jasmine-like fragrance. Crinum Jagus
has a strong Vanilla scent that carries all over the garden.
Summer bulbs are favorites in my garden. I saw new buds today on Milk and Wine Crinums that were first to bloom of the Crinums and buds on Hymenocallis which are new here since last fall.
What bulbs do you plant that bloom in summer and fall?


  1. The combination of Gardenia and Crinum Jagus must be intoxicating! Your Crinum is quite lovely. One has to love these Old South plants!

  2. Oh how I wish we had smell-o-vision. Having never had the pleasure of experiencing the perfume of a Crinum jagus first hand for myself, I'll have to try and imagine it from your description. It sounds quite lovely.

  3. Your summer-blooming bulbs are lovely. I tend to concentrate on spring-flowering bulbs, forgetting to plant the summer-flowering varieties. I do have a few asian lilies, which do quite well - I keep planning to plant more but someone don't get to it. I planted a few dahlias this year but they went in late and have yet to bloom. I gave up on dahlias at my last house because the heavy marine layer there always led to miserable mildew - I hoping our current location will be more hospitable.


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