Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Blossom Round Up

Tropical Storm Andrea passed through slightly to the east of us. We got significant rain from the outer bands.

Echinacea and American Painted Lady Butterfly, 
one of many butterflies that visit Echinacea in June.

June is the month of Gardenias.

Hydrangea Mariesii Varigata cutting

Daylilies and Mophead Hydrangeas continue in bloom, summer staples.

Oakleaf Hydrangeas have turned pink/tan, white Crape Myrtles
have commenced bloom, colors will follow.

 In the foreground is White Shrimp Plant that returned from the roots this spring. It comes back too late to bloom. The White Shrimp that I kept cuttings in the greenhouse and planted recently has blooms.

Brugmansias are barely starting to bloom.
I think they look like ballerina skirts.
The fragrance at night is spicy sweet.

Black eyed Susans are just starting as California poppies are waning.
Coming up between my Alternanthera are Melampodium. 
They'll need transplanting.

Tithonia plants are about a foot tall in the bed where they were so popular with butterflies last year. This Datura came back from roots in that same bed and is blooming. I've put out other Datura seedlings; they're too young to bloom. 

I'm collecting seed for fall planting of Larkspur, Silene and Corn poppies as they ripen. I snipped seed pods off Coreopsis while I was collecting seeds today. It's easy to see why it is called 'Tickseed.'

What's blooming at your place?


  1. I was wondering what the white blooming tree was...a crepe myrtle..mine aren't blooming yet...I would say it was just me..but this area is full of crepe myrtles and I have yet to see them bloom.

  2. I just love the Brugmansia and pretty!!

  3. Only the white Crape Myrtle is blooming. Well, the light pink has started. They must bloom in order of color as the Watermelon color and Lilacina show no signs of bloom. Yet.

    Christy, Brugs and Datura are not only pretty, they're night bloomers and have incredible fragrance in the dark.

  4. If I hadn't vowed not to plant any more, I might be tempted to try the datura for the fragrance.

    I am finally blogging today for the past weeks events and have listed what is blooming here now.

    Have a super Sunday.


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