Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Notions

Rain on Sunday afternoon, briefly. The rain gauge showed 0.15" -- a tenth and a half. We are grateful for every precious drop. Farmer Danny is watering corn.

The rain did not harm this 1950s daylily, Bride Elect.
A newer daylily with a bagel shape and delicate petals was almost shredded.
Two Porterweeds, a red in the Front Garden that was a seedling last
summer because I had no reds last summer. It wintered in a pot.
It will be blooming with the Tithonia behind it, a volunteer.

I took cuttings of the Purples, and they fared poorly.
I think the Blue/Purple Porterweeds returned from last summer's roots.
We are ready for Butterflies. The latest Broods are shy about emerging.
After I showed Laura Bush petunias yesterday,
two dark Swallowtails showed up.
Newly hatched, they are easily spooked and
do not long sit for photographs.
Another view of the Petunia Patch in the background. In the ruins beds,
melampodium is coming up in the cracks between bricks and driveway.
Melampodium clashes with all the pinks and purples here but it is
such an enthusiastic bloomer and can stand drought. It is self-cleaning; you
never have to deadhead. On the downside, it does not attract butterflies.


  1. If I didn't have so much to do, I would definitely start planting lilies....they are so beautiful...we finally got a down pour here but the humidity is intense.

  2. In general, I prefer the older, simpler daylily varieties. Bride Elect is beautiful. -Jean


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