Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rambling after Rain

We had a total of 3.4 inches of rain yesterday and last night. Everything is washed fresh and looks so green -- there was a lot of thunder and lightning. Farmer Danny said they had hail over across the Creek.

Agapanthus, Pride of Barbados foliage, and others. Lush grass, damp driveway.
 Pentas come in gorgeous colors. My favorite rose color and Miss Julie Neel's favorite pink.
Hymenocallis, native Spider Lily. Rain was rough on it, in a bed with Curcuma and other Gingers, Shrimp Plant and variegated Alpinia. The second pic is of buds yet to open.
My Bird of Paradise has a new leaf, in the center. Old leaves are wind torn.
Milk and Wine Crinum Lilies. More Crinums sending up buds.
Porterweeds are finally blooming. The concrete rabbit moved to the end of one of the long beds to keep me from dragging the hose over daylilies behind him.
Persian Shield under Gary's Magnolia and
dwarf lavender Pentas

I don't know what this little fern-like plant is
under the Strobilanthes, it just came up in the
pot where I rooted the Persian Shield.

Crocosmia everywhere. I just pull it out where I don't want or mow.
Porterweed, Magnolia, Persian
Shield and lots of grassy path.

Tropicals are with us in bloom from now until Frost.
It has not rained all day and the humidity is 85%.



  1. Your tropicals certainly are doing well. I just love that Milk and Wine Crinum. I've never tried growing Crinums here, and now you've got me wondering if maybe I can.

  2. I envy your rain, Nell Jean, although I'm sure that 85% humidity isn't particularly comfortable. My plants and I are melting under temps in the mid-90s but it could be worse -I have friends and family in areas with temps exceeding 105. Summer has most definitely arrived!

  3. I enjoyed revisiting memories of my gardens in Mobile, Alabama, through your plant photos. Thanks for sharing!

    Keep an eye on that little ferny plant. My first thought as I looked at it was that it was Japanese climbing fern, which gets VERY invasive.


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