Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rudbeckias, Do They Really Have Black Eyes?

Black eyed Susans really have brown eyes. The seed pods are black. I never plant them deliberately, allowing reseeding from previous years.

Rudbeckia with Purple Heart
These have long skinny petals, unlike most of the others.

These have a brushstroke of mahogany near
the centers.

Most are just ordinary Rudbeckia.
This is not a weeding failure. The grass is
intentional -- Lemon Grass, a row of 9.

Coming up among the Lemon Grass are self-seeded Madagascar Periwinkles. I used to save the seeds to sow where they would all be purple. Then I went through a phase of palest pink. Now I enjoy all colors, come what may. These will clash beautifully with Rudbeckia. Eventually the Black eyes will die off and the Periwinkles will take the spotlight behind lavender Lantana Montevidensis.
Can a garden have too much Purple?


  1. Hi,

    Can't wait for my rudbekias to bloom - they're a way off yet though.

    And one can never have too much purple in their garden!

  2. What a great display of them, and what a great year it has been for the susans here in east central Texas. Love your stuff !

  3. I find it adorable the Rudbeckia with brushstroke of mahogany near the centers.


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