Saturday, June 1, 2013

Scents of Summer

When I went outside earlier, I caught the fragrance of wet corn plants -- not real rain but artificial irrigation. A diesel engine drones nearby, saving corn from dying.

Daturas are starting to bloom. I like to plant this small
white Datura with the more exotic Purple Swirl above and
at the top, Brugmansias, all sweetly fragrant on night air.
Purple Daturas with exotic black stems, unpleasant acrid leaves and a sweet nighttime fragance.

Brugmansia. When open, the blooms are pink and look
like a ballerina's skirt.
Only one Brug is blooming so far, returning from last year's roots. Rooted cuttings bloom later.

Gardenias are blooming. The fragrance carries on the breeze during the day, a pleasant surprise. Gardenias are easily rooted. I think I have 16 full-sized plants, and several rooted cuttings.

The dwarf Gardenia I had last year died when I planted it. I haven't patience for the finicky florists' Gardenia. These old species are hardy and easy to grow.


We had an invasion of Kudzu bugs on wisteria. Malathion did not faze them. Sevin took them out, I hope forever. They were not blooming when we sprayed, so there were no beneficials about. I noticed today that we have a few new blooms.

The fragrance of Roses are with us through the summer.

Sombreuil, sweetly fragrant climber. This is thought not to be the antique tea rose Sombreuil but the climber Colonial White. I would not describe its sweet scent as tea fragrance.

 The lemony scent of Magnolia pervades the Upper Garden. When I go through the narrow passage to the pumphouse garden, spicy scent of Sassafras on the east side greets my nose. There's even a pleasant aroma in the shade under the fig bushes where tiny figs are growing.


  1. Oh my ~ You do have a lot of lovely blooms that give you wonderful scents. You sure have had great results with rooting gardenias. I have a lovely bush in a huge terra cotta pot that I could try rooting cuttings from. What is your method?

    Have a nice Sunday and a great upcoming week.


  2. Sassafras is another plant we have in common. I had one in the yard due to dropped seed from a bird, but it died. I love their fall color.

    I am surprised you are so dry they are having to irrigate. I guess I felt like the whole world was getting wet. We have more than normal this year and the plants respond gratefully.

    Every time I see a datura, I think of when we first moved to the country and were told to cut down all the native ones because they were poisonous. I know they sure smelled that way when we chopped them down.

  3. Don't you just love the smells of the garden!! Fresh mown lawn, that wonderful smell after a rain, there's just so much to love! Your garden looks amazing!


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