Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tithonia and Daturas

You know summer has arrived when Tithonia starts to bloom. These are all self-seeded plants. I encouraged placement by pulling up spent Tithonia plants last fall and laying the heads where I wanted plants to come up this Spring.

 I pulled everything that wasn't Tithonia or Datura except for Ratibida visible above and some Durantas, one visible at right in the pic below. Durantas are a little slow to put on blooms this year. They also have to return from roots. I cut some of the Ratibida as it becomes a thug. Spittle bugs found it, too.

This first-to bloom Datura returned from its roots. I have other Daturas, seed-grown in the greenhouse in other places. Some of them are already blooming, too.

Beautiful in bloom, fragrant, exotic black stems.

There is a purple Datura and a white at right behind the Purple Heart.
What looks like weeds in front is really Melampodium coming up.
You can see one little bloom on one. They come up blooming.

Pride of Barbados in the Upper Garden, far from the plants in previous pics.
The colors are right, so I put  first and second year plants of 
Pride of Barbados out front near the Tithonia and Purple Daturas.

Hot, Humid, Sultry:

 We're having a Tropical summer.


  1. The dutara is amazing...simply amazing. My wildflowers I planted last year self seeded too...I love plants I don't have to fool with.

  2. That purple datura bloom is gorgeous. I could not stop looking at it.


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