Sunday, June 9, 2013

What's Eating my Alternanthera?

A few days ago I noticed 3 large clumps of chartreuse Alternanthera that survived the winter on the opposite end of this bed had been chewed down to the ground. I suspected deer. 

This end has smaller rooted cuttings. 

Today the second clump from the left on the picture above this one
was mowed down. There are two sprouts lying next to the clump
on the right, as if they were dropped.

Another look at the the chewed on the left and the bits lying next to the smaller clump on the right.


Melampodium is coming up since the rain. It may have to fill any gaps if the munching continues. 
This is one of my favorite reseeders, but does not attract butterflies. The tiny yellow daisies cover the plants and do not require deadheading.

If it's a rabbit, Buffy isn't doing her job. If it's deer, Buffy isn't doing her job. Maybe they slip in in the early morning before she's awake. Maybe it is snails.


  1. Could it be cut worms? I have seen them on plants above ground level. Dig around the base and check for them.

    I have never heard you mention deer troubles before. Hope you find who the culprit is.

  2. A few weeks ago, I was surprised to see some of my roses cut off on the ends, but I know for certain they were deer because they left tracks behind! I know deer love roses, but I was surprised because they were so close to the house. I hope whatever it is munching on your plants decides to give up and move along. It's always frustrating to have our beautiful plantings being used as a buffet!


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