Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cannas, Crinums and Crocosmia

Three C's for July
Cannas and Crocosmia


'Ellen Bosanquet' Crinum

Rains really brought out Crinum blooms, grass too.

A broad view of lush grass paths and lawn. Centipede grass loves water.
He-who-mows had mowed a cross path. I changed my mind.
A different Canna, Bengal Tiger. It has another
name, I forget. Here with Alternanthera, Pride
of Barbados, Ratibida that I cut back and Lantana.

A summer garden is full of plants whose names start with C.
This year I have no Castor Beans, Colocasia only by the birdbath, no Caladiums.
I can't remember where I replanted Calla Lilies when I dug them from under the Camellias and I haven't noticed them anywhere.
Crape Myrtles!
 I thought of five more plants starting with C since I typed the above. 
Can you add to my list of summer plants that start with C?


  1. You are right, our zones 8 are very different! I've had a crinum for many years and it's never bloomed (also got shaded a little) and crape myrtles need more heat than we get in the summer to bloom even though they're winter hardy here. On the other hand, I've never had nor needed air conditioning. We just open a couple of windows upstairs and the heat goes out and our nights usually cool to the 50's so it's seldom uncomfortable. In addition, we get virtually no rain in the summer so it's not at all humid. Plus, no snakes or big bugs. Maybe you'd like to move out west...

  2. caladiums, crocus, coneflower, creeping jenny, calla lilly, crepe myrtle, I tried to stick with just what is growing in my yard. Cute post!

  3. Calendula and Clematis. I love that canna with the yellow and green leaves!


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